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Parent group coming to the Pendragon in September.

Click to download brochure and registration HERE.

Parenting may be one of the most dynamic and demanding jobs an adult can have. As parents, we are our child’s first teacher. Our well being as parents translates into healthy happy kids and families. We’ve created a space to come together and connect with other parents on this super crazy challenging beautiful journey.

The Group:

·      For parents with at least one child ages 0-5.

·      Free of charge as a pilot program.

·      Meets weekly for one hour at the Pendragon Theatre beginning in September.

·      Provides free childcare and activities with the Pendragon staff.

·      Choose topics that are relevant to you to discuss as a parent. Please see registration form for details.

·      Provided by Adirondack Community Counseling, the Pendragon Theatre and grant funding through        the Adirondack Foundation.

For Parents:

·      Share (or just listen to) the good, the bad and the ugly experiences of being a parent.

·      Have someone totally get you and what you are going through.

·      Learn about special topics that are relevant to you and your family.

·      Share or find out about information and community resources.

·      Meet other parents for networking, setting play dates or developing parent friendships.

·      Give feedback to what services and experiences are needed in the community for your children and        as parents.

For Kids:

·      Have fun playing and exploring music and the arts in the Pendragon Theatre!

Click to download brochure and registration HERE.