For Moms

I am a mom. I care for my son. I had scary thoughts. I had anxiety when I didn't usually have anxiety in my life. So much was confusing and frustrating and I was the best mom I could be. Unfortunately my PPD wasn't understood or supported by important people in my life. The situation made my recovery longer. Now I am able to use this experience along with my training with Karen Kleiman, LCSW at The Postpartum Stress Center to be able to provide a safe place for women to come and be understood and supported. For women to help identify and communicate to others what they need to overcome difficult thoughts and feelings. 

I also work with many women (and men) who have experienced trauma and loss in their life. Themes and difficult emotions from the past can have a way of popping up into our life post baby. I have extensive work with trauma of different types: from sexual assault, difficult relationship dynamics, loss of baby or ideal birth experience, hospital procedures. Some women had a difficult delivery experience with their first child and may be very nervous about the process with their second. Using EMDR we can help best prepare the mother for the delivery by helping her let go of past emotions.

Sometimes we just need reassurance and to connect with ourself and personal strengths. Sometimes we need help letting go of thoughts that harm will come to our baby. Having a child puts us in a position of being out of control at all times. It's like a piece of our heart is walking around outside of our body. This can be scary enough in itself. I can help settle and calm and breed your inner confidence that can help you find peace in the day to day as you become your best self again and the mother you want to be.